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Lab Fund

Request Form

To make a lab fund request, hit the link below to fill out the form! Please review the  Constitution of the Engineering Equipment Fund before making requests. 

W23 LabFund Meeting

The LabFund meeting is tentatively scheduled for TBD, WEEK 6. The meeting is open to all registered undergraduate engineering students in addition to faculty and staff, however AT LEAST ONE PERSON FOR EVERY REQUEST MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE AT THIS MEETING.

Request Form Tutorial Video


What is an acceptable quote for a Lab Fund Request? 

An acceptable quote must contain: A retailer name, item subtotal, quantity, shipping and handling (use school address), taxes and any additional costs. 

What makes an item consumable or retrievable? 

An item is considered retrievable if it will be in the same shape when the project is returned. An example of retrievable equipment is motor since it will be in the same condition at the end of the project as at the start. An item is considered consumable if it will be used or in an altered state at the end of the project. An example of a consumable are chemicals since they are used up during the project. Another example of a consumable is sheet metal since it is cut, drilled and modified throughout the course of the project. 

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