Announcements W17 – Week 6

Announcements W17 – Week 6

Hello Engineers,


Reading week is just around the corner… that being said, you are probably stuck in midterms, all the best of luck!


Some announcements for you this week:

1.     Engineering Society VP elections

2.     Eng Awards

3.     The Way We Get By Social/Engg Pub – Feb 16th 10pm

4.     ATS Automation Info Session/Design Challenge –Feb 15th 5:30pm

5.     Anderson Coats grad photos, attach poster -by March 10th

6.     Clothing orders

7.     WISE Salary Negotiation Event – Feb 16th 5:30pm

8.     Eng Peer helpers

9.     Wellness Women’s Day 5km

10. Iron Ring Ceremony Countdown

11. JOIN the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race Team

12. Blood Bus

13. Academic Feedback!!!

14. OSnap Engineering Newspaper – Contributors wanted

15. Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

16. Printer Reminder

17. Textbook Drive

18. Guelph Hacking Competition

19. Pizza Days – Friday 11:30



Vice President Elections

Vice President campaigning is Monday through Wednesday! The elections are Thursday and Friday so keep an eye out for the link to the voting ballot. The nominees for each position is as follows:

VP Internal: 

-Matthew Saunders 

-Katherine Goss
VP External: 

-Matthew Curtis

-Karine Jarzecki

-Amine Drissi

-Carlos Lopez A.
VP Finance:

-Murtaza Bahrainwala

-Stephanie Kotiadis
VP Socials:

– Stephanie Walton and Ciaran Buckley
VP Academic: 

-Betty Zhao
VP Student Life: 

-Haley Birrell

-Sarah Rozon


*Also ESC/Computer 4th Rep opening for this semester will be voted on during this time!

Travis Pootoolal


Year Rep Nominations

See attached for year rep nomination forms! They are due with a bio Wednesday March 1st by 5:30


The positions available are as follows:

-2 2nd Year Representatives
-4 3rd Year Representatives (Biomed/Biological, Mechanical, Water/Enviro and Computer/ES&C)
-4 4th Year Representatives (Biomed/Biological, Mechanical, Water/Enviro and Computer/ES&C)

*Please send your bio to


Engsoc Presidential Results for 2017/2018

The results for the engineering societies president for the next are in. We would like to congratulate Valerie Bauman!


EngSoc hands out a number of awards every year to deserving students, staff, faculty, and TAs that are voted on by the students. Nominations for 9 awards are given out. Nominees will be voted on after reading week March 2nd and March 3rd.

Any questions about awards or elections can be sent to



THIS THURSDAY AT 10PM THERE WILL BE AN ENGG PUB IN THE BACEMENT OF THE UC! Starting tomorrow tickets will be sold in the engsoc office for $5 or they’re $7 at the door! Tickets are limited so get yours soon! 

For more information:



Join ATS Engineering leaders for a company overview, employment information, then showcase your skills in an interactive design challenge. Refreshments will be provided. (RICH 3504) See attached for more information. Secure your spot on



If you’re in your graduating year, and you want to be included on the grad composite… book your photos with Anderson Coats in the UC and get your picture taken before March 10th, see attached poster.



Clothing orders are here again, come by RICH 1509 (in the club hallway) to place your order for some cool engineering swag. Payment can be made in cash or cheque (we don’t accept credit/debit, sorry!) We will be available for orders at thespecified times only:


Tuesday: 3:30-4:30

Wednesday: 10:30-11:30

Thursday: 3:30-4:30

Friday: 10:30-11:30   



Attention job seekers! If you’re looking for ways to score big on your next payday, come to WiSE’s salary negotiation seminar next week on Thursday at 5:30 PM.

Guelph lawyer Cherolyn Knapp will teach you how to tip the scales in your favour. Make sure you get the salary you deserve, because you’re worth it! ALSO, THERE WILL BE FREE PIZZA & DRINKS!

If you’re interested, let us know:



Did you know the Engineering Peer Helpers offer one-on-one help sessions? They are an opportunity to talk to people just like you who were once in your shoes. Maybe you are behind in your classes, are overwhelmed by your workload, or midterms aren’t going as well as you had expected. It’s okay! We have all been there! Completely confidential, no one needs to know, we can meet, talk study tips, talk time management tips, and just be friends!

Shoot us an email at, and we will schedule a time that works for you. 


Another option is the Academic Action Program, which is run by the Library and is a free, semester-long program that helps you create and reach your academic goals. Meet regularly with an academic coach to analyze your strengths and learn how to apply those strengths in your courses, develop study strategies specific to your learning needs, and develop time management strategies to help you balance academics and the rest of your life. 

For more information, check out

9. WOMEN’S DAY 5km – March 8th

The Wellness Education Centre is running a Women‘s Day 5K is coming up on March 8th, starting at 9:00. We welcome people of all speeds, with a fast start and a slower start. Registration is at – share it with your friends, family, pets, loved ones, etc. We will have loot bags for the first 80 people that show up at day of and hot chocolate and water. We’re getting an engineering group to join! If you are looking to join an engineering team, please e-mail Sarah Rozon at



Iron ring ceremony is fast approaching! And the graduating class is getting ready to enter the adult world. Help them look back fondly on their past 4-5years here by sending your photos of them to me to be included on the iron ring countdown currently displayed in the atrium 


Send your photos to to be included



Come join the Guelph Engineering Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race Team (GNCTR) for the 2017-2018 school year!


Looking for a fun club to join? Looking for a club to join that will look great on a resume? Look no further! Come and join the Guelph Engineering GNCTR Team. Team members have the opportunity to be apart of the most epic toboggan race of the year! Racing in the Annual GNCTR competition, being held in Winnipeg this year, and Waterloo next year. The Guelph Engineering GNCTR Team will be facing off against other Engineering schools in this National Competition! 


Members can choose to be apart of any of these aspects of the team:

· Superstructure (Building the Toboggan Frame, Braking and Steering)

· Concrete (Building the Ski’s)

· Theme (All things song, dance and painting relating to the theme for the toboggan)

· Fundraising (Help organize and run all the fun fundraising events we run throughout the year!)

· Much more!

We are recruiting 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. No experience necessary!


Email for more information!


As this years competition is this week February 8th – 12th), we will be beginning recruitment and transition for next year’s team!



THANK YOU to everyone who came out to donate blood tonight! Guelph Engineers helped save over 60 lives tonight! WOO! Keep checking announcements for the next blood bus! 


Please remember to anonymously submit any feedback in the Academic Feedback Box in the EngSoc Office. All feedback is important in improving our education. Positive feedback is encouraged! Or submit your feedback to this link


Please note that this is any feedback, it does not have to be solely academic related.


You put in feedback and we listened!

A few weeks ago you may have filled out an online survey asking about which electives caused conflicts with your ENGG courses.

They have now made a change and have chosen the top 5 demanded electives for BIOMEDS, MECHS and BIOS and will make sure they don’t cross over the with ENGG core courses in future years.


If you have any questions please email


14. OSNAP is looking for CONTRIBUTORS!!
We are looking for your photos, articles and whatever else you would like to contribute for your engineering newspaper! Please send them to – Send pictures or articles on any topic you want (appropriate please) of 250-500 words (or more, yolo?) 


We have pizza parties for contributors, so if you don’t contribute, you’re missing out. It doesn’t even have to something that requires a long time to write (like a picture from engg events or around THRN works!)



Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a non-profit network dedicated to creating solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. Established in 2002, ESW is comprised of students, university faculty, and professionals who believe that technical fields are vital in building a better world. ESW mobilizes students and faculty members through educational programs, sustainability-oriented design projects, and a shared community. ESW projects design, build, and implement solutions to sustainability issues, often with a focus on energy and the environment. ESW is building the next generation of engineers and scientists, students and professionals from all disciplines by researching, educating, and building a better world one project at a time. Email for more information.

*Still pending accreditation



Hope you’re enjoying the new printer J

As always, direct any printer problems with details of the problem and lab room number.



Have old Textbooks?

Donate any of your old textbooks to students in need. Half of the textbooks collected will be sent to students in Africa and the other half to students in need in North America. Please drop off textbooks at the engsoc office in the labelled bin.



Happy to formally announce Guelph Hacks for Mental Health, a 36-hour hackathon/design jam that will task undergraduate and graduate students from across campus with designing tools to support positive mental health on campus.

We want to go a step further and challenge students to develop solutions that will help support mental health on campus. This could be in the form of a website or app, a marketing campaign, or improvements to mental health services on campus. Be inventive. Be creative. Be awesome.

More details, rules, and specific challenges will be released in the coming weeks. For now, mark your calendar and join us March 11-12. Website:

19. PIZZA!

Pizza day will continue every Friday at 11:30am in the atrium! Pizza is $1.50 per slice and will have a variety of options to choose from, including vegetarian. 

Bring your friends and enjoy some of the lowest going rates of pizza you can find!



Have a safe and happy reading week, Happy Valentines Day you lovely people!


XOXO, Bunsen



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