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Lab Fund

Lab Fund Rule Book

Lab Fund Constitution (amended F17)

Every semester, $40 of your tuition goes into the Engineering Undergraduate Equipment Fund (better known as the Lab Fund). This fund was established to purchase lab and computer equipment as well as other important items that can be used to the benefit of all engineering students, and to support upper-year design groups. Any extra money goes into the Engineering Endowment Fund which is a growing savings account that will one day reach the goal of sustaining the lab fund through interest alone.

A meeting is held every semester to go over the requests made by registered students, staff, or faculty and to approve the purchase of the items requested. The meeting is open to all registered students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, and staff. All registered undergraduate students who have contributed to Lab Fund may vote.

Requests can be made by any engineering student, faculty, or staff member, and are often made by engineering student groups. For example, EngSoc regularly requests funds to send students to conferences, GIS has purchased 3D printers for student use, and the Formula SAE team sends a race car to competitions across the continent.

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