Whether you have questions or are questioning, there’s a brand new club in the School of Engineering that’s perfect for you: EngiQueers Guelph!!

The objectives of EngiQueers Guelph are to promote and advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ students and their allies in the School of Engineering, to foster networking and discussions in Thorn & on campus. EngiQueers aims to benefit any and all students, staff, and faculty interested in issues relating to LGBTQ+ topics through an inter-sectional lens.

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Creative Encounters

Creative Encounters with Science is a non-profit science, engineering, and technology program run through the University of Guelph. Run and instructed by undergraduate students, Creative Encounters is dedicated to hands-on learning using everyday materials that establish the view that everyone can be involved in science!


Engineers for a Sustainable World

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a non-profit network dedicated to creating solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. Established in 2002, ESW is comprised of students, university faculty, and professionals who believe that technical fields are vital in building a better world. ESW mobilizes students and faculty members through educational programs, sustainability-oriented design projects, and a shared community. ESW projects design, build, and implement solutions to sustainability issues, often with a focus on energy and the environment. ESW is building the next generation of engineers and scientists, students and professionals from all disciplines by researching, educating, and building a better world one project at a time.

Engineers Without Borders

EWB’s mission is to promote human development through access to technology. The availability of appropriate technology is key in this effort, especially in situations of poverty, alienation, and voicelessness. Since people are at the heart of human development, they are always the main focus of EWB’s work. At the University of Guelph Chapter, we strive to educate and motivate our peers and the community towards EWB’s mission.


IEEE Student Branch Guelph

The IEEE Student Branch at Guelph is a club at the University focused on students helping students with technical and electrical topics. The group is focused on allowing individuals of all skill levels to work on projects that include any type of electrical knowledge.


Racing Team

Gryphon Racing is a student run club at the University of Guelph. Members build a small open-wheeled race car each year. The car is designed, fabricated and raced solely by students. The Gryphon Racing Team attends an annual competition in Pontiac, Michigan where the car is raced against other universities around the globe.


Robotics Team

The University of Guelph Robotics Team is a student operated team composed of highly motivated individuals who have a passion for robotics and desire to apply classroom knowledge in a hands on experience. The team’s focuses on both advanced mechatronic systems through its competition in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition and fostering lower level robotic knowledge through its second Battle Bot project. The team’s goal is to provide anyone interested and dedicated to the team with mechatronic knowledge and experience to benefit them in future endeavors while also promoting robotics to the University and community as a whole.


Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

The Women in Science, and Engineering (WiSE) group aims to benefit all students, staff and faculty interested in issues relating to women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Men and women are encouraged to participate, as the education of both groups will be most beneficial.


WEBB Engineering Club

Founded in 2013 as a merging of the BioEngineering Club and the Environmental and Water Resource Association, the WEBB Engineering Club is geared towards water resource, environmental, biological, and biomedical engineering students at the University of Guelph. The group strives to present information regarding career options, to create public awareness, and to share and discuss news and innovations relevant to these branches of engineering.

Weekly meetings include presentations, guest speakers, and other engineering discussions. Meetings are open to all students regardless of program. Every semester, the club arranges a tour of the local Sleeman Brewery. Other events include College Royal, National Engineering Month, and bake sales. The WEBB Engineering Club is also responsible for used textbook sales at the beginning of every semester.

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